Complete Shipping Process Explained in Less than 2 min Read

  • Expect delivery of shipped packages in around 12 to 14 days for orders from the US, the UK, and Australia. Your tracking ID will be live in 5 working days upon being issued.Your package should arrive sooner, but it can take this long because all departing parcels will have to remain in India waiting for the next cargo flight for about 7 days. Then the packages will be departed overseas, and only after 2 weeks will be scanned at the first local port. We will be sending you regular update & make sure you receive your order.
    •  Countries Where We Ship

Currently, we are serving several happy customers in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea  and Japan. Kindly note, we do not deliver our products in Canada due to strict and complicated customs regulations. We love to be transparent, hence; we avoid taking any risk as we value your time and your investment too. For further shipping related issues, we request you to drop us an email at

    • Our Shipping Services

USPS for USA customers – All the orders getting shipped to the USA are sent through the USPS courier service.

UK Mail for UK customers – All the orders getting shipped to the UK are sent through the UK Mail courier service.

Australia Post for Australia customers – All the orders getting shipped to Australia are sent through Australia Post courier service.

Japan Post for Japan customers – All the orders getting shipped to Japan are sent through the Japan Post courier service.

New Zealand Post for New Zealand customers – All the orders getting shipped to New Zealand are sent through New Zealand Post courier service.

    •  Tracking ID

All the orders that are processed from our end are 100% traceable. Every customer who has placed an order successfully will be issued a tracking ID via e-mail within 1- 2 business days.

Kindly note, the orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or any Indian/Singapore National Holidays may lead to a slight delay in the order processing. However, you can expect a tracking ID on the very next working day.

Live Feed: All tracking ID’s show live feeds on USPS, UK Mail, and Australia Post websites. To see a live feed of your order, follow the link given below:

USA customers must click on this link –

Australian customers must click on this link –

UK customers must click on this link –

New Zealand customers must click on this link –

Japanese customers must click on this link –

Once you have received your tracking ID you can find your order on the live feed in 5 days because of COVID-19 Impact (usual timings are – 48 – 72) hours of receiving the tracking ID. Just in case you are unable to see your order on the live feed, please get in touch with our customer service assistants. We have a separate customer service team who can assist you 24*7 via email or chat as well.

 If there is any technical error or unstable weather conditions may affect the live feed for a while. In this case, we will get back to you with a valid reason and resolution for the same.

It is a request to check all your e-mail folders including the spam after 24 hours of placing your order. Our processing team usually emails the tracking ID’s via email and also notifies via a text message when requested by the customers.

    • Origin of initiating your shipment

All our products are manufactured in India and shipped from India or Singapore. We follow a standard packaging for every order. All the medicines are rolled in a bubble wrap and inserted in a brown colored envelops which makes the product 100% discreet.

Phase 1 – Origin post preparing the shipment

Phase 2 – Entering the customs 

Phase 3 – Heading out of the customs 

Phase 4 – Reaching to your State

Phase 5 – Out for the delivery 

Phase 6 – Successfully delivered 

In case the authorized person is unavailable for accepting the delivery or there is no mailbox available, there are higher chances of the customer missing the delivery. In such cases, the postal service executive leaves a note behind asking you to get in touch and collect your parcel or request for re-delivery. In such circumstances, our executives will be available to help you and will get in touch with you for further coordination with the postal services.

    • Things to remember
  • For an anonymous reason, your tracking ID fails top appears live for a longer duration without any valid reason than our team will re-ship your order without any further delay.
  • For an anonymous reason, if your package fails to move from one phase to another for a longer duration without any valid reason than our team will re-ship your order without any further delay.
  • If the customer receives incorrect or damaged item than our team will re-ship your order without any further delay.
  • We aim to see a healthy environment throughout the world while making available cost-effective and genuine medicines for all. Each day we are growing and expanding our business while having careful considerations for your valuable feedback.
  • Live Chat
  • Phone Support – 520 600 3331 (call or text)
  • Email –
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